Want your site to go VIRAL?


Hey Fellow Internet Marketer,

We all know that the lifeblood of any website is traffic, right?

Simple truth is...

If you need:

  • leads, 
  • sales
  • affiliate commissions 
it all hinges on traffic. 

And yes... as we all know...There are loads of ways to get that traffic! Everything from SEO to paid traffic and banner ads.

However, 1 of the most powerful types of traffic any website can have is what I call "word of mouth" traffic. 

It has been proven time and again that people pay far more attention to recommendations and links given by friends and colleagues than they do to 'cold' traffic.

Would you Like to Get LOADS of Word Of The Mouth Traffic?

Introducing - WP - Shareme


WP ShareMe is Unique and Powerfull Plugin that will easily turn your visitors into subscribers PLUS make your site go viral! 

Check out the feature list below and see how WP ShareMe has an unprecedented and unrivalled feature set and how it incorporates lead generation AND lead capture all in 1 powerful plugin that can be installed in minutes.

Check Out what WP ShareMe Can Do for You!


  • Unique Wordpress Plugin that creates popups within your wordpress pages and posts - and it's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN ALL THE OTHERS!
  • Provides Viral buttons for ALL leading social media sites PLUS, the ONLY plugin to feature the BRAND NEW Google + Badges button (important for SEO)
  • Share on Digg, Stumbleupon, G+, Facebook, Twitter + more
  • Can act as a ‘content locker’ that only unlocks when a viral button is clicked or with a countdown timer
  • Can also be used as a normal popup with a normal close button
  • You choose which viral buttons are displayed
  • Can be used on any post or page
  • MASSIVE FEATURE: Built in lead capture system. No autoresponder? Let people opt in and their data is stored in wordpress by our plugin. This can be exported in a CSV or you can use a free plugin we show you to send a newsletter
  • Add ANY content in the popup: video, images, html....it’s all easy with the WYSIWG editor
  • Customize the background color of the lightbox popup
  • Define when the popup appears... every refresh, randomly or every visit
  • Accepts the embed code from any video site to play your videos inside the plugin

Newbie Friendly Install and Admin Area

WP ShareMe is Perfect For You, Your Offline Clients, Fan Pages & Loads More

No Other Plugin Uses

G+ Badges

Connect your website with your G+ Page, improve SEO and become eligible for Google Direct Connect

Integrated lead capture system

Don't have an Autoresponder or just want to capture names and emails separately? WP ShareMe does it, and you can export al the data later in a CSV file!

Our Plugin is Perfect For...


With our Developer License you can sell this as a service to your offline clients. The ‘free HTML’ area means you can add anything to it. Coupon offers, contests, promotions...loads of options!


Running a new campaign on 1 of your sites? Use WP ShareMe to highlight a special offer, click a viral button to get access to a special offer or as a standard ‘opt-in’ pop up.


Add a promotional video and some call to action, and you have an instant affiliate marketing tool. Perfect for review sites. Maybe use it to get leads into your sales funnel then follow up with your afiliate offer.

money back

Choose your Option Below!

Single Site License!  Multi Site License!     Multi + Developer Sites License!
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