6 Steps to Grow Your Instagram Following Quickly!

So, over the past few months I’ve been looking at ways to grow Instagram accounts. So here is a narrow plan on how to grow your Instagram following quickly and make it as targeted as possible.

Before we continue, you need to know that Instagram users respond very well to emotion, so everything you share, it should have trigger an emotion in them. Those people will follow you MORE, and like your photos as well.


So here is the simple set of rules I follow and it works well for me. So let me explain each in a step in details.

1. Figure out what is the audience you want to attract.

One account per one niche. Don’t mix it up.

Instagram will work in ANY niche, but of course some are easier to break into and some are not.

2. Spy on your competitors. Once you know what your audience is, look at competitors accounts and find posts that are getting MANY likes.

That would help you determine what kind of posts you need to share daily.

Instagram is all about videos and photos. So good photos get MANY likes.

Here is an example of a good Instagram photos:




3. Share daily new viral images.

You can use either Tixture.com or Canva.com to create viral images. You can brand your business on it as well.

You don’t need to share a lot…One or two per day will get you new following and likes.

4. Follow competitors followers.   

To grow your audience, you really need to follow other people followers.  Find good competitors accounts, and follow their followers… You see, if those followers are interested in your competitors niche, they might be interested in yours too.

5. Daily like popular photos. 

Try to like photos that are popular, but not too popular.  Like photos that have 5-500 likes maximum.  This way, you can get noticed by your followers.

So daily try to spend 20-30 minutes doing those tasks, and you will start growing your followers 50-100 new per day.

6. Automate it!

Also, since I have multiple niche accounts I am using instaeasy  to automate it all.

It does all the above tasks on autopilot.  It is set and forget system.  You just need to post daily in order to keep your audience engaged and drive them to your website.

I hope you enjoyed these 6 steps to growing your Instagram account!

More tutorials coming your way soon 😉


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