Hi there…welcome to my website. Since you are here…Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I am first, and foremost, I am a mother of two wonderful children and they are the center of my world! Their hug and smile, means a world to me…

Now…here is a little background on me…

I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but due to the war, I’ve ended up living in Pleasanton California.

I now live between two places – Rijeka Croatia and Pleasanton California. I enjoy both dearly and so do my children.

In the professional world – I like running online businesses (which give me flexible hours and with two kids in school, I really need the flexibility :))))

Places I love the most are Rijeka, Croatia, Sarajevo Bosnia, Sausalito, California, Saratoga California, and of course Las Vegas. 🙂

My moto in life- we can do anything as long as we keep up the motivation.

For my professional life, I am Product Launcher, Internet Marketing Coach, and Online Traffic Experts.

One of my “babies” is http://IMtrafficHub.com – strategy to start driving 3K+ monthly visitors and increase from there. All based on FREE or Inexpensive traffic strategies.

Now, if you would like to learn more on how I launch products, the complete blueprint is available at http://gigaprolaunch.com

If you would like to connect with me online, feel free to do so by sending me a friendship request on Facebook or to connect with me on Linkedin

Looking forward to getting to know you…

Your IM friend…Ivana